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18 September 2007

Should teachers be able to carry Guns?

Mr. Christian excerpts Rob at Say Anything.

Rob over at Say Anything has an interesting question posted:

That’s the rather interesting question from The Christian Science Monitor which has an article up about a teacher in Medford, Oregon, who wants to bring her Glock 9mm to school with her and is filing a lawsuit so she can do just that.

This is an issue that usually comes up after school shootings (Virginia Tech, etc.), and I am generally in favor of teachers bringing guns to school. That being said, I’ve got something of a nuanced position on this one in that I don’t think people have a right to bring their guns to work.

I think that teachers do have a right to bring their guns to school. It is not a matter of private property right, as Rob asserts, because the school is a government facility. As such, we the people are the owners. I believe her right to self defense trumps the rights of the administration to keep things “neat and tidy”

What say you?

We know what happens when nobody in a school is armed except for a single madman or a pair or a gang of evil men. That has been demonstrated to my satisfaction. It's time to give responsible adults of good character and clear vision the chance to defend themselves and others not only in elementary and high schools, but also in colleges and universities.

Are teachers trustworthy enough to be allowed to carry guns?

Do we trust them with our children?

How could you answer yes to one and not to the other?

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